EnviroTemp Warranty Information

VERSION: September 7, 2021

The EnviroTemp product installed into a DX Air Conditioning system within Australia is warranted by EnviroTemp Australia against defects in design, materials, and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date EnviroTemp is purchased by the original owner.

EnviroTemp defects covered by this Warranty will be replenished or reinstalled in full at the discretion of EnviroTemp Australia or its Dealer (subject to the Owner’s rights under Australian Consumer Law with respect to major failures) without cost to the owner for EnviroTemp

product or associated labour. The replenishment or reinstallation shall be performed during normal business hours by an EnviroTemp Dealer.

Any EnviroTemp replenishment or reinstallation under this Warranty will be warranted in accordance with the provisions of this Warranty for the remainder of the original warranty period or 12 months from the completion of the EnviroTemp replenishment or reinstallation, whichever is greater.

Except where inconsistent with the Owner’s Statutory Rights and the rights given by this Warranty, all other warranties, and all liability of EnviroTemp Australia for any loss or damage direct and consequential is expressly excluded.


Damage or problems caused by storms, fire, flood, vandalism, misuse, negligence, Acts of God, earthquake, war, vermin, foreign matter entering the equipment (e.g., dirt and moisture) or any other outside agency.

Equipment that has been removed, relocated, or replaced.

Problems of unsatisfactory performance resulting from operations at conditions outside the operating conditions specified in the technical or sales literature associated with the Make and Model of the system listed on this card.

Equipment that has been repaired or replaced in the event the Owner is unable to provide:

• evidence repairs were performed by a technician licensed by the Australia Refrigeration Council and

• a company issued service report and or invoice.

Where this Warranty does not apply, the Owner’s rights are limited to the Owner’s non-excludable Statutory Rights.


The Owner is responsible for the correct operation and regular maintenance of the equipment listed on this card. The correction of any non EnviroTemp fault or problem is not covered by this Warranty.

Operation and maintenance of equipment is in accordance with the technical or sales literature associated with the Make and Model of the system listed on this card.

Regular cleaning of the air filter(s) and replacement where necessary.

Ensuring the air inlet and outlet on the outdoor unit is not kept clear of any obstructions (e.g. dirt, leaves, plants).

Ensuring condensate drain is kept clear and clean.

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